The Savage Playground (CD)

The Savage Playground (CD)


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The Story

The fourth album released by your favourite sleaze rockers :P.

Released worldwide on January 22, and in Scandinavia January 25.



Tracklist :

01. Change The World
02. Cocaine Cowboys
03. Anarchy
04. California
05. Lickin' Dog
06. Circus
07. Sin City
08. Got A Reason
09. Drinkin' Without You
10. Snakes In Paradise
11. Damaged Kid
12. Excited
13. Garden Of Babylon



Overall Rating: Star Rating

  • Star Rating
    By: Jasen Carmean February 14, 2014
    Never leaves my truck stereo. Sleaze at its finest. Don't stop the rock guys!
  • Star Rating
    By: Emma Jones October 15, 2013
    you boys just keep getting better and better. love it _3
  • Star Rating
    By: Shaun Soutter September 29, 2013
    GREAT album, a step forward for the band. Well worth picking up.
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