Generation Wild Vintage T-Shirt

Generation Wild Vintage T-Shirt






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The Story

I´ve always been a huge fan of washed out old school t-shirts from the 80s,
so I though, why not make our own?

The dischange print will most likely last for a life time!

This is also one of our few shirts without our classic logo.



Printed in Sweden on the ecological & superior quality Eart Positive 03 Tees.
These bastards are expensive (as blanks I mean) but apparently they're
eco friendly (which must be a good thing) and if you ask me they have an
even better feel than the FJ01-variant we use as blanks for almost every 
other t-shirt so once again, I gladly offer a 100% money back guarantee
if the quality does not live up to your expectations but I swear that you'll
love them, check out the reviews at the bottom of this page and as always -
make sure to check the measurements below too! Much love! //LONDON


* Slim fit
* Weight 155g

Sizing & Measurements


S 47.5 cm / 18.75" 70 cm / 27.5"
M 50.5 cm / 19.75" 72 cm / 28.25"
L 53.5 cm / 21" 74 cm / 29.25"
XL 56.5 cm / 22.25" 76 cm / 30"


Shipping & Handling

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Flat Rate Sweden : $3.45
Flat Rate Europe : $4.29
Flat Rate Worldwide : $4.64


Overall Rating Star Rating
  • Star Rating
    TEXT_BY_2 Daniel Wilson October 22, 2014
    My second of the two 'vintage' style t'shirts! This is one of my favourites, stunning design and colour, the colour contrasts between the Crashdiet logos and main prints are fantastic! For any fan who likes that fitted, 80's washed out style!
  • Star Rating
    TEXT_BY_2 Gabriel Lamonato July 31, 2012
    i loved this one. Really cool photo, good print and high quality.
  • Star Rating
    TEXT_BY_2 Tor Joachim Nedland July 10, 2012
    Great shirt, as everything else here. The print is awsome.