Illegal Rarities Volume 1

Illegal Rarities Volume 1


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The Story

These tracks have been hiding in the Crashdiet vaults for over 10 years - finally they have resurfaced!

This release is limited to 999 copies and it's only available right here at our own online store.



Tracklist :

1. Gimme what I need
2. Queen obscene
3. We play it, you scream it
4. Miss pain
5. California white
6. Get ready for tonite (bonus)
7. Within the sleaze (bonus)
8. Too hot to stop (bonus)




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  • Star Rating
    By: Ryan Trush November 11, 2014
    One f the best, most organized sites I've ordered from. I look forward to future transactions!
  • Star Rating
    By: Phil Eardley November 01, 2014
    An excellent insight into the early years of the band, this is a great addition to the Crash Diet discography and I would recommend it to all fans of this genre. The quality of the songs and the recording is great! As always, the transaction was handled well, and my copy of the album arrived promptly, the CD booklet signed and a couple of extras added. I feel that this band really care about their fans, and this shows with the few extra bits the guys included. Cheers guys and looking forward to your next visit to the UK! Phil
  • Star Rating
    By: Lindsay Bulach October 27, 2014
    Great package! Songs sound great, some great pix in the digipak sleeve, silver pressed CD. Super quality all over. Hope the fact that's it's callled 'Vol 1' means that there will be additional volumes to follow.
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