The Unattractive Revolution (CD)

The Unattractive Revolution (CD)


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The Story

Our second album, released in October 2007.
We refer to it as the "Brown album".




1. In the raw
2. Like a sin
3. Falling rain
4. I don't care
5. Die another day
6. Alone
7. Thrill me
8. Overnight
9. XTC Overdrive
10. Bound to be enslaved
11. The buried song



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  • Star Rating
    By: Camille Woodside April 02, 2014
    Awesome CD! Please come back to the US!!!
  • Star Rating
    By: Jason Brussman March 30, 2014
    Love this cd also!!!! There is a lot of good new bands out there but all are 2nd to crashdiet.
  • Star Rating
    By: Jvo Julmy March 26, 2014
    Most songs are catchy, with good hooks and awesome vocals! Like it a lot!
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