Rest In Sleaze DVD [PAL]

Rest In Sleaze DVD [PAL]




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The Story

This DVD is region free but in PAL format, not NTSC.
It plays fine on any computer but if you are in a NTSC-country (USA, Canada, Chile, Mexico amongst others) it might not be playable on your dvd-player hooked to your TV, unless it specifically supports playback of PAL dvd's.

If you are unsure, please check your dvd player manual before you place your order to make sure you can actually watch the DVD :).

Contact us if there are any questions. Cheers //LONDON

Teasers :

Rest In Sleaze Tour 2005

The concert (59:00)

01. Intro
02. Riot In Everyone (sweet/lepard)
03. Needle In Your Eye (sweet/lepard)
04. Queen Obscene (lepard)
05. Tikket (lepard)
06. Territorial Pissings (cobain/novoselic/grohl)
07. Drum Solo
08. Straight Outta Hell (sweet/lepard)
09. It´s A Miracle (sweet/lepard)
10. Knokk ´Em Down (lepard)
11. Out Of Line (lepard)
12. Back On Trakk (sweet/lepard)
13. Breakin´ The Chainz (sweet/lepard)
14. Miss Pain (lepard)
15. Finale

The concert is shot at “Klubben” in Stockholm,
Sweden on dec 9th 2005 and is one of the last
concerts with late front man Dave Lepard.

Extras (48:35)

01. Intro
02. Knokk ´Em Down – video shoot
03. Okejdagen Liseberg Gothenburg
04. Okejdagen Gröna Lund Stockholm
05. Instore appearance
06. Rookie 05 – Hultsfred
07. Live at Debaser
08. Backstage somewhere
09. Malaysia
10. Wired
11. Burning Young
12. The Stuntman
13. Wrecking stuff
14. Appetite
15. Shit
16. Zinny
17. Hultsfred Festival
18. Nyhetsmorgon – tv broadcast
19. Breakin´ The Chainz – video shoot
20. It's A Miracle - video shoot



Overall Rating: Star Rating

  • Star Rating
    By: Sara Volpe January 13, 2015
    Great DVD,I love it :) Rest In Sleaze Dave!
  • Star Rating
    By: Lynsey Wesley November 04, 2014
    Loved this dvd. Awesome concert and great to see Dave in action. Only wish there was more live stuff with Dave. It has my all time favourite crashdiet song Riot In Everyone, a fab dvd and a must for everyone.
  • Star Rating
    By: Jyrki Hirvonen October 22, 2014
    As a newer fan I was very pleased to see Dave in full action on stage. This is really great DVD of a great gig and I think that you should buy it. No, I'm telling you to go and buy it right now! I promise you that you're gonna love this DVD.
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