The Savage Playground Patch #1

The Savage Playground Patch #1


19.00 SEK


Purchasing this product would give you 1.52 SEK in store credit!

The Story

Size : 9cm "wide" (3.5"). Nice price :).

"So happy to finally release some new patches. Patches are definitely my favorite piece of merch :P. //LONDON"



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  • Star Rating
    By: Paulina Myśków August 18, 2014
    Cool! My favourite logo :)
  • Star Rating
    By: Simone Höpel January 27, 2014
    Great quality! Awesome Patch!!
  • Star Rating
    By: Martin Krüsh January 07, 2014
    Really nice patch, should fit well on my dark blue denim jacket. Also, just as for Peter, patches are my favorite piece of merchandise ;).
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