The Unattractive Revolution (CD)

The Unattractive Revolution (CD)


89,00 kr


The Story

Our second album, released in October 2007.
We refer to it as the "Brown album".


1. In the raw
2. Like a sin
3. Falling rain
4. I don't care
5. Die another day
6. Alone
7. Thrill me
8. Overnight
9. XTC Overdrive
10. Bound to be enslaved
11. The buried song


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  • Star Rating
    By: Camille Woodside April 02, 2014
    Awesome CD! Please come back to the US!!!
  • Star Rating
    By: Jason Brussman March 30, 2014
    Love this cd also!!!! There is a lot of good new bands out there but all are 2nd to crashdiet.
  • Star Rating
    By: Jvo Julmy March 26, 2014
    Most songs are catchy, with good hooks and awesome vocals! Like it a lot!

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