T-Shirt Size Guide

Here's a little guide for anyone having trouble chosing the right size!

First of all please keep in mind that all t-shirts will shrink to some extend when they are first wash. This is perfectly normal and will happen to any cloth made of cotton actually :).

Almost all of our t-shirts are printed on Gildan Softstyle (64000) - we prefer this model because it's a bit "fashion fitted" so it'll look stylish on anybody!

Gildan already have their own sizing tables so there's no reason for me to re-list that information;

for men's tees please see :

And for ladies :

The best method for using the info above is to simply measure a good fitting t-shirt you already own and just compare the numbers :).

Sometimes we print on Unbranded's FJ01 t-shirts instead. I do not have the measurements for this type but it's very similiar to the gildan softstyle - only a little little bit longer.

Regarding hoodies;

Here's a size chart (pdf) for our Punk Skull Zip hoodie

(Still searching for the measurements for the other two hoodies, please contact us if you need those!)

Well that's about all I can think of for now, but please feel free to contact us if you're having any questions or concerns, I'd be glad to help you out personally!


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