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Bra grejer

by: Niklas Norberg Sunday 03 August, 2014
Bra grejer med bra kvalitet! Perfekt match med skinjackan ;)

great shop

by: Gabriela Coppo Saturday 02 August, 2014
great shop and always have an open ear for wishes. fast delivery.

the best band merch store

by: Asberry Quinones Thursday 31 July, 2014
most shops don't have such a big variety like this one has...Crashdiet has everything...buttons, patches, shirts, CD's, DVD's, whiskey glasses...and even manties. i've NEVER been to a band merch site that sold man-panties until i came here! (i hope they're starting a trend with those...) everything is great quality, great price, ships fast even to the USA :) the fact that its managed by the band is the coolest part. Peter's around to help with orders and asks for fans' opinions on stuff, and us as fans/customers get to know that we're buying straight from the band and not sending our money to some random bootleg 3rd-party...you know exactly who you're supporting here and its great! Crashdiet is the only band i trust to know my real name. i'd give more than just 5 stars if i could!!


by: Marco Stasi Wednesday 30 July, 2014
shipping's always super fast. crashdiet merch arrives earlier than the stuff i buy in my home country.

great contact, great products. i just can't stop ordering

Awesome shop

by: Simone Höpel Wednesday 30 July, 2014
The shop is really the greatest on earth! The shipping is very fast and it's so great that you can pay now with invoice!
I love the shop!
I love you CrashDiet!!!